Hilarious Twitter Feed Corrects Outraged Nativists' Grammar

Oh boy. Over the holiday weekend, a new (hilarious) Twitter handle drew attention for correcting outraged people who believe that others should speak English in English-speaking countries. Of course, those writing these tweets seem to not have so much of a handle on the language themselves, with grammar mistakes galore. 

Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski remarked in a tweet on November 23 that a ton of Twitter users were telling non-English speakers "your in America, speak English." Yep, with the wrong form of "your." Soon after, the "Your in America bot" (@YourinAmerica) was created with the mission of "correcting people saying your in America and telling others to speak English." 

A few selected tweets from his grammar crusade:

It's "you're." As in, you're embarrassing yourself. RT @paigeparr: your in america...speak english.

"You're" in America. We spell in English, learn it. RT @drewpattt: your in America, we speak english, learn it

Oh my goodness, it's "you're." RT @sammayyyyyy: Oh my goodness your in American speak English. 

It's "you're." RT @JuliaKuykendall: I dont understand why people need to have full conversations in Mexican your in America time to convert

We speak English and it's "you're" FYI. RT @Bmcgould I can't understand your foreign gibberish. If your in America speak American

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