Upcoming GOP Bill Plans To Reduce Legal Immigration

Eric Thayer/Reuters

More strides are being made by the Trump Administration to reform immigration policies. The latest, Politico reports, is a plan to reduce legal immigration, formulated by senior White House aide Stephen Miller and two Republican senators.

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Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia presented a preliminary draft of the bill to President Donald Trump this past March, but will propose a revised version this summer.

The Cotton-Perdue legislation allegedly outlines a strategy to cut the number of legal immigrants in half each year by 2027. According to Politico, this would decrease an estimated 1 million immigrants that enter the United States annually to 500,000 per year.

A spokesperson for Sen. Cotton, Caroline Rabbitt, said that the main idea behind this proposed bill is to improve working wages for American citizens. “Sen. Cotton knows that being more deliberate about who we let into our country will raise working-class wages, which is why an overwhelming majority of Americans support it. He and Sen. Perdue are working with President Trump to fix our immigration system so that instead of undercutting American workers, it will support them and their livelihoods,” she told the media outlet.

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The proposed bill would use a “merit-based” system for those eligible for green cards. For example, individuals with advanced degrees or an exceptional ability in a certain field would more likely be granted residency in the U.S. 

Although the new legislation has not been formally brought to Congress yet, a significant change in immigration policies was one of the main promises made throughout Trump’s presidential campaign.