Google Doodle Celebrating César Chávez Somehow Sparks Outrage

Google hasn’t dedicated one of its doodles to Easter in 13 years and on past Easters, it’s featured people like German chemist Robert Bunsen instead of marking Christ’s resurrection. No one has ever complained.

So, what’s the big deal about the search giant’s celebration of Cesar Chavez’s 86th birthday (and the newly Obama-created Cesar Chavez Day) today with a portrait of the Mexican American labor leader and civil rights activist with a farm field in the background? For conservatives tweeting their outrage today, the answer may be in his very job description. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints about Google’s choice.

“Better a dead lefty than a risen Lord,” tweeted one man.

“#Google offends 1/3 of the world, by honoring Cesar Chavez’ birthday in Doodle, over the resurrection of Chirst? #fail I use #Bing now!

Spurring on the protest, in which many threatened to switch to Bing because of the perceived slight, is conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, who posted many of the tweets on her website.

Ironically, Bing’s own homepage is marking Easter with an Easter egg doodle—a reference to the holiday’s pagan roots. Double ironically, a conservative Catholic Journal, First Things, has no problem with Google’s honoring of Chavez.

“For Chavez, social reform was never merely external,” a post on the website today reads. “Without peace of spirit and purity of heart, there was little point in pursuing justice. Collective bargaining, just wages, shorter workdays: for Chavez none of these made sense outside the fact of his risen Lord.”

If Catholics are OK with the Google Doodle, something tells us, Jesus is OK with it, too.