Gina DeJesus & Amanda Berry Will Tell Their Story

Two of three women held captive by Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro are ready to tell their story.

According to NBC Latino, Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry are sharing their horrifying account with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Mary Jordan.

"Many have told, and continue to tell, this story in ways that are both inaccurate and beyond the control of these young women," attorney James R. Wooley, who represents the women, wrote in a statement.

"Gina, Amanda and their families have decided to take control and are now interested in telling the story of what happened to them."

Victim Michelle Knight will not be participating in this book project, but she was recently interviewed by Phil McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil.

"As the first victim to break her silence, she makes never-before-heard revelations about what went on in Castro’s Cleveland house of horrors," McGraw said. "She is the self-proclaimed, most hated victim in the house, and according to Knight, suffered the most abuse at the hands of Castro."

McGraw continues, "Michelle Knight's story of horror and courageous survival almost defies description and has changed me like no other in 12 years of doing the show. Her dark journey from victim to victor is beyond compelling."

Knights interview will air in November. No release date has been set for the book which will feature DeJesus and Berry's story.