Georgia High School To Have Its First Racially Integrated Prom - Ever

It is 2013, right? Sorry, we're just a little confused as news broke that students at Wilcox County High in Rochelle, Georgia, are trying to plan the first racially integrated prom in the school's history. Yes, you read that right. The high school, located about two hours outside of Atlanta, has white and black students learning in the same classroom, but have segregated proms and homecoming dances. Since the dances are privately organized, and not run by the school, this is totally legal (albeit, most people would agree, totally inappropriate and terrible).

According to Keela Bloodworth, a student who is "embarrassed" that this is the way of the land and who is helping to organize the integrated prom, a biracial student was turned away from the white prom in 2012. Even worse, police got involved to turn the student away from the event, reports CBS

While many are in favor of the integrated prom, it seems some are still set in the (old) ways: posters promoting the new prom have been ripped down. And while the school will allow the students to organize the prom, they are not helping to fund the dance nor stop the segregated events.

We're wondering what issue will be come to light after the integrated prom kicks off. The use of automobiles? Women in the workplace? The right to vote for all citizens? (Gasp!)

What do you think of this? Can you believe this segregation is still going on in 2013? Share your thoughts below!