Study Finds Latinas Still Hit Hardest by Gender Wage Gap

Director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs at the Labor Department Pat Shiu, whom is also a member of the White House Equal Pay Task Force, said, "As we are embarking on the 50th anniversary of equal pay, women are making 77 cents to the dollar. When it comes to the pay gap for Latinas, it’s 55 cents and that means it’s taken this long to get where other women were 50 years ago."

Throughout the year, the average woman working full time will lose $17,249 due to the pay gap, according to Shiu. For Latinas, the loss is an estimated $23,298. And over a lifetime this loss can reach as high as $854,000.

Shiu argues that this loss not only affects the woman as an individual, but also Latino families, as this is a time when mothers are the top breadwinners in 4 out of 10 households.

“When you consider that cost to her family and her community- it’s astounding. When you start at a deficit, you are going to stay at a deficit,” Shiu said. “It is a family issue and a community issue.”

Shui hopes that by raising the minimum wage, the pay gap for Latinas could be closed in part.