Gawker Launches Regular Feature Chronicling Mexican Drug Wars

In an interesting move for a website known for it’s satirical, no-holds-barred take on news and entertainment, Gawker will be highlighting a new feature, “Mexican Drug Blood,” a column of sorts on the nation’s drug wars. 

The regular feature will be written by Miguel Angel Rodriguez Vazquez, editor of El Nuevo Alarma!, and will be translated into English by Gawker staff. Readers are warned that the images accompanying the posts can be graphic. 

In a welcome post, Gawker writer Hamilton Nolan explains, “With all of this cinematic violence and corruption happening, it is ironic that journalists in Mexico have been silenced by the very real threat of violence as a direct result of reporting on the activities of the cartels. Writers, editors, and photographers all face the possibility of being assassinated for covering these—objectively speaking—very juicy, tempting, and important stories. And so, in many cases, these shocking stories (which would doubtless receive saturation coverage in any major American city) fall by the wayside, a victim of the dangers of life in the Mexican war zone.” Gawker hopes to inform its audience with what's happening in their neighboring country.

What do you think of this new feature? Do you think it will help Americans understand the drug wars, and bring to light the problems facing the country? Share in the comments!