This Frida Kahlo Portrait Made Entirely Of Gum Is Stunning

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We’ve seen just about every creative rendition of Frida Kahlo that we can imagine. I mean there’s been a Frida-inspired dress made out of condoms for God’s sake!  But what we haven’t seen is a portrait of the iconic artist made entirely out of gum. That is, until now.

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Ruben Dario Villa, a Chicano freelance artist, took it upon himself to make a portrait of the Mexican painter but with his a personal twist. He used 4,587 pieces of gum to complete the piece that was to be displayed in the "El Color Y El Dolor" art show according to The art show is entirely dedicated to Kahlo in celebration of her birthday and took place in San Francisco.



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Not only did the finished product give off a tasteful pop art vibe, but it had a touch of Kahlo’s Mexican heritage by using Chiclets — a bubble gum that is often sold on Mexican streets as reported by the media outlet.

The talent he displayed for the “El Color Y El Dolor” art show did not go unnoticed by the attendees or the curator of the show, Francisco Franco. “He's an amazing artist and designer, and he's young, smart and ambitious,” Franco wrote in an Instagram post.

Villa did not hide his graciousness for the opportunity to show off his work. In an Instagram photo he wrote, “Such an amazing experience to have people trip out on your work and genuinely care about the method, time and inspiration behind #Frida4587#ChiclePop… Humbled to be on a wall with some badass artists. Let's see where this leads.”

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This isn’t the first time Villa has used his artistry to give a shout out to Latinx culture. He’s also the founder of Fuchila Fresheners, a collection of car air fresheners and stickers with unique and cultural designs. And yes, he makes a Frida Kahlo air freshener, too!

Check out the rest of his work here!