Fox News Calls Children of Undocumented Immigrants 'Children of the Corn'

We understand that some misguided folks portray undocumented immigrants like some kind of horror movie, but this is a bit much. In a segment called "The Grapevine," Fox News referred to undocumented youth as "children of the corn," in a screen graphic displayed at the top of their broadcast, reports the Huffington Post.

Chris Wallace was summarizing a recent analysis by Los Angeles County estimating that undocumented parents would receive $650 million in government assistance this year. (Completely forgetting to mention, of course, that these parents are receiving this government assistance for their U.S. citizen children, but we digress...)

As Wallace begins to speak, the graphic comes up at the top, depicting the border, stacks of dollar bills and a person climbing a barbed wire fence. "Children of the Corn," runs across the bottom, conjuring up the Stephen King novel and horror movie of the same name. Why the title? We're still not sure. The Huffington Post tries to rationalize it as much as they can, stating: "It's not clear why the producers chose that title, though corn is traditionally an important element of the Mexican diet."

Well, yeah. Sure. Except, it's also an important element of the U.S. diet.

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