This Fourth Grader Will Make Your Day With How Excited He is to Go Back to School

Meet Kevin, the little boy whose excitement for his first day of fourth grade is making headlines.

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Kevin was interviewed by a reporter at Fox News 7 in Austin, Texas about how he's feeling about his first day of school. But unlike most kids who are moping and groaning their way back into the classroom, Kevin's ready to take on whatever the school year throws at him.

"Why are you so excited?" asked reporter Tania Ortega.

"Because I'm going to fourth grade and then I'm going to fifth grade and then I'm going to college!" he exclaims. "Or high school, I don't know. Or pre-school."

It's very obvious that Kevin has some big plans for his life, as he explains his aspirations in life — and how he uses math and science to get there. Join Kevin on the path to success (where he doesn't think helmets should be a thing, but that's another story).