Florida Mother Shoots Two Sons Before Killing Herself

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A small farming community in Bascom Florida - less than 125 residents -  is shocked to find that one of its members, Esbeidi Sanchez, 25, committed a murder-suicide, that resulted in her shooting her two sons in the head before turning the gun on herself.

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The shooting happened Friday, October 6th when Ronaldinio Ramirez-Sanchez, 7, and Gustavo ‘Angel’ Ramirez-Sanchez, 5, returned home from school. Her husband Thomas Sanchez came home to the horrific scene and called local 911 authorities. Gustavo Ramirez-Sanchez was still breathing and was airlifted to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead on Saturday.

To community members, Sanchez seemed like a model mother, there was nothing that signaled the violent outbreak. Bryan Hardy, Malone Elementary assistant principal said she was “very involved in the school.” Brother John Smith, pastor of First Baptist Church in Malone told USA Today she frequently visited the church with her two children and husband and was recently baptized on October 1st. “Everybody's flabbergasted,” he said. “She was a very beautiful lady and seemed like she had a real sweet personality. She didn’t indicate that anything was wrong whatsoever.”

Although Sanchez left a suicide note explaining the hardships that she endured in her life with her abusive father, there is no explanation as to why she shot her children.

According to a recent report by USA Today, between the years of 1976 and 2007, 500 kids were killed on average by their parents every year. Mothers were almost as likely to be the killers as fathers.

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Capt. Scott Edwards of the Jackson County Sheriff’s told USA Today, “if you know somebody that’s in that situation, maybe suffering from mental illness or suicidal thoughts please call somebody. It’s our job as neighbors to take care of one another and hopefully prevent another tragedy such as this.” The shooting remains under investigation.