Flight Attendant Survivor Speaks Out on Chapecoense Plane Crash

The only flight attendant who survived the Colombian plane crash still suffers from trauma a year later. The devastating plane crash took the lives of over 71 passengers.  

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Ximena Suarez and six others were the only to live, while the tragedy took the lives of 19 players from Brazilian football team Chapecoense, 4 coaches, 9 of its other staff, and 20 reporters.

The stewardess moved to the back of the aircraft as it went down and believes it saved her life.

Suarez told a Spanish-language publication, El Pais "Some people tell me ''luckily you saved yourself'' for me it is not luck is the will of God and obviously I feel sad for having lost my teammates."

A year later, the 28-year-old admits to using sleep aids to help with her rest and to experiencing nightmares sometimes."Some nights they give me nightmares, I can not sleep; I try to leave the pills, but I can not because I wake up at night, so I must continue taking them. These are things that happen, but I know I must be strong," said Suarez to El Pais. 

Though Suarez has been through the life-altering horrific event, she still found triumph among her surviving members. Suarez revealed that three Chapecoense players, Jackson Follmann, Helio Neto and Alan Ruschel share a bond together. She now considered them her brothers, since she believes they were all born again on November 28th, 2016. 

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When questioned about being able to board an aircraft again, Suarez disclosed it would be up to her therapists and psychologist approval. Data showed the lack of fuel to the engines caused the electrical failure initially thought to be responsible for the crash.