Meet the First Uruguayan Gay Couple to Sign Up for Marriage

“There are people who are constantly living a double life,” Borda said. “That's why we do all this so visible, to show that you can. Now we live in a country that is very open-minded, you see it on the people and on the streets.”

Susana Charrié, Borda’s mother, shared her thoughts on his son’s special day.

“It's all a little weird, but for me it is a joy,” she said. “I feel my son's happy, accomplished, this is his choice of life.”

In addition to Uruguay allowing gay marriage, the country was recently in many headlines for its plan to place its government at the center of the legal marijuana business. Passage of the measure is set to go to the Senate – should it pass, it would make Uruguay the world's first nation to create a legal, regulated marijuana market.