Fidel Castro Writes Letter on Syria: The U.S. Will "Begin a Genocide Against the Arab People"

Fidel Castro won't stop sharing his musings on world news - even when he said he would. Despire a promise to retire from his time as a columnist, the 87-year-old has printed a new essay in the Communist Party newspaper Granma, reports the Huffington Post. Taking up nearly a full page, the essay speaks to the conflict in Syria and the dealings of Snowden.

"I admire the bravery and justness in Snowden's declarations," Castro wrote. "In my opinion, he did the world a service by revealing the repugnantly dishonest politics of an empire that lies and cheats the world."

In June 2012, Castro retired from being a columnist. During his six writing years, state newspapers would publish his essays called "Reflections," and news anchors would read them out in their entirety during broadcasts.

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