President of Paraguay Admits to a Fourth Love Child

The President of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, has been busy, and some may argue that it’s not necessarily due to his political duties. The politician, and former Catholic priest, has revealed that he is the father of a 10-year-old boy named Angel. His mother, Narcisca de la Cruz, claims that she presented the paternity case to media outlets after she was denied access to the president and once her son wanted to share his father’s last name.

President Lugo’s lawyer, Marcos Farina, has filed paperwork acknowledging the young boy as the politician’s son. "I have just had a meeting with the president. I have received instructions to begin today the paperwork for the recognition of the minor," Farina confirmed to reporters.

According to CNN, De la Cruz is the fourth woman to come forward claiming to have Lugo’s love child, but only the second he has acknowledged. The 61-year-old President abandoned his priesthood in 2006 and was officially elected in 2008.

We wonder how much money De la Cruz will receive for child support. What do you think about the case?