A Female Vigilante Takes Credit for Murders in Juarez

Authorities are searching for a woman who is accused of killing two bus drivers in Ciudad Juarez, amid claims that the woman is acting as a vigilante for the rapes and murders hundreds of women have endured in the city. 

The woman, calling herself "Diana the Hunter," is claiming responsibility for the deaths and has sent messages to local media telling them that she is "an instrument of vengeance." Witnesses describe the woman responsible for the murders as wearing a blonde wig, standing around 5'4", and being in her fifties, reports Raw Story.

One of the messages sent to local media states, “My colleagues and I have suffered in silence, but they can no longer keep us quiet.”

“We were victims of sexual violence by drivers who worked during the night shift at the (plants) in Juarez. While many people know about our suffering, nobody defends us or does anything to protect us."

“They think that we are weak because we are women,” the message said, warning that there would be more deaths. “I am an instrument of vengeance.”

The bus drivers targeted and killed operate routes that transport women to maquiladoras, or assembly plants. These women regularly suffer sexual abuse by drivers. Currently, authorities are investigating 12 cases of passengers allegedly sexually assaulted by drivers. 

Since 1993, more than 300 women and girls have been murdered and countless others raped, often while going to or coming from these plants. Authorities have been slow to resolve these murders, and many accuse them of neglect. Documentaries and films have shed some light on the cases, including Bordertown, starring Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas.

Watch the video below (in Spanish):