Ex-Husband of Schwarzenegger Mistress Speaks: "Nobody Knows Where Patty Is"

The ex-husband of Mildred ‘Patty’ Baena, Colombian Rogelio Baena, spoke to Entertainment Tonight and admitted that he only found out a week ago that Patty’s son was not his biological son—from his sister. Speaking in both English and Spanish, Baena told E.T. that “Arnold Schwarzenegger, for me, [was] my hero. Now I feel betrayed."

Baena, listed on the boy’s birth certificate as his father—but listed as having no children with Patty on their divorce papers— told E.T. he was “very, very angry”  and said he didn’t believe it when he first heard the news.

Patty filed for divorce from Rogelio in 2008, but the couple actually split soon after the child’s birth 13 years ago. While he admits to not having spoken to the boy since last year, Baena says he doesn’t think the boy knows what’s going on yet. “But that is my son” he insisted.

E.T. will air the second part of the interview tonight. Watch a clip of the interview below: