El Chapo's Henchmen Dug Two Tunnels for the Drug Lord's Escape

El Chapo's Henchmen Dug Two Tunnels for the Drug Lord's Escape
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As if Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán's escape from a maximum-security prison in 2015 wasn't embarrassing enough for the Mexican government, it's just been revealed that the drug lord's henchmen actually built two tunnels to get him out.

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According to Proseco magazine, the first mile-long tunnel went into the wrong cell, prompting the first mission to get the kingpin out to halt. An official quoted in the article says that El Chapo boasted about how easy it was to manipulate the El Altiplano prison.

"It was not complicated. The first time they wanted to release me they had the wrong cell, but then they corrected [the mistake] and I left," the 61-year-old allegedly said.

The second tunnel, the one El Chapo used to flee the prison, has been described as an engineering feat, as it had ventilation, lighting, oxygen tanks, scaffolding and a motorcycle contraption.

The drug lord’s lawyer claims his men bought the prison's blueprint and paid for many jail workers' silence.

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El Chapo, who was recaptured on Jan. 8, is expected to be extradited to the United States.