East Haven Police Officers Found Guilty of Violating Civil Rights of Latinos

Two East Haven, Connecticut police officers have been found guilty of violating the civil rights of Latinos living in the town.

According to The New York Times, Dennis Spaulding and David Cari were found guilty on Monday of conspiracy, false arrest, excessive force and obstruction of justice. The officers would stop and harrass Latinos, handcuff them, and sometimes even punch and kick them while handcuffed.

Fox News Latino reports that the officers' attorney argued that the reason behind their actions was that many of the new Latino immigrants coming to live in the area were involved in criminal activities.

Officer Spaulding claimed that the Latinos they stopped had been falsifying vehicle registrations to avoid taxes. “They have a whole underground scheme going on. They’re charging $1,500 for illegal plates. Something’s got to be done about it,” he said.

Spaulding and Cari were arrested in 2012 after the police department received a number of complaints. They now face up to 10 years in prison.