11 #DressLikeAWoman Tweets That Would Make Trump's Dress Code Great Again

On Friday, the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman started trending, and as you might have guessed, it came out of President Donald Trump telling an interviewer that he likes his female staffers to "dress like women."

"Even if you're in jeans, you need to look neat and orderly," he said. Women who worked in Trump's campaign field offices also felt pressure to wear dresses to impress him. 

Guess how many people were not here for it? Women came out in droves to tweet themselves in their work attire and to show the world how they #DressLikeWomen. Check them out down below.

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1. Amina Yonis

2. Hayley Williams

3. Beth Rader

4. Tara Wildes

5. Rebecca Alleyne

6. Danielle Cooper

7. Angelica Cibrian

8. This is Happening

9. MamaBearz

10. Liz Bonifield Smith

11. Liz Bonifield Smith 2