DREAMers & LGBT Community Support "Undocuqueer" Wedding

DREAMers and the LGBT community gathered together in Washington D.C. yesterday to take part in two ceremonies -- the National DREAM Act Graduation and a marriage between a bi-national lesbian couple -- and show their support for equality for all.

“This year, especially because we are focusing on comprehensive immigration reform, they decided to include certain LGBT components and have a DREAM wedding,” says Ameesha Sampat, the media manager for Immigration Equality. The graduation has happened before, but from what I saw today, with the two different movements coming together, the wedding stole the show.”

NBC Latino reports that every year, the National Immigrant Youth Alliance partners with DREAM Activist to present the National DREAM Graduation at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation of Washington, D.C.

Almost 300 people RSVP'd to support the annual graduation and the marriage of an "undocuqueer" couple to highlight the intersectionality between immigration and LGBT rights.