Donald Trump Calls Judge Who Unsealed Records a "Hater" & a "Mexican"

Donald Trump Calls Judge Who Unsealed Records a "Hater" & a "Mexican"
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On Friday, a San Diego judge ruled for several Trump University playbooks to be unsealed to the public, and the school's founder, Donald Trump, is not happy.

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After a two-hour hearing from all parties involved in a class action lawsuit against Trump and the now-defunct school, Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel issued for the release of thousands of pages of documents, NBC San Diego reports.

At a rally in San Diego that same day, the presumptive Republican nominee responded to the judge’s decision very personally. He called Curiel a "hater" and referred to his behavior as "hostile." Trump also stated that the judge was probably Mexican, despite his national or cultural identities being of little importance to the case. Curiel, by the way, was born in East Chicago.

The class action lawsuit alleges that Trump University misled students with unfulfilled promises of teaching them the secret to being successful in the real estate business. It also claims fraudulent and deceptive behavior. A similar class action lawsuit against the school is also being heard in New York.

Trump has denied the allegations.