Domestic Workers Fight For "Bill of Rights" In California

Domestic workers in California congregated on Tuesday to ask their state senators to pass the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. 

The bill, technically labelled AB 241, was passed by the state assembly in May. Similar legislation has been vetoed by Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown in the past, reports NBC Latino

AB 241 would regulate the hours of work for certain domestic workers and provide an overtime compensation rate. 

The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights follows a study by the National Domestic Workers Alliance which found that almost of quarter of domestic workers and 67 percent of live-in workers are paid below the state minimum wage. A 2007 report showed that 67 percent of those workers are Latina. 

“Now is the time for domestic workers to be protected equally under the law," Lourdes Pablo, of the California Domestic Workers Coalition, told reporters at the press conference. 

Two states–Hawaii and New York–already have similar domestic workers bill of rights laws. The California State Senate is expected to vote on the legislation today. 

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