Doctor Charged with Spiking Lover's Coffee with Poison

A woman is in big trouble after allegedly poisoning her lover’s coffee. According to Fox News Latino, Houston oncologist Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo was charged last week with aggravated assault against Dr. George Blumenschein, a specialist in lung and head and neck cancers at the institution. FNL reports that Gonzalez-Angulo allegedly added a sweet-tasting chemical to the victim’s coffee on Jan. 27 in her home. As a result, he suffered renal failure.

A criminal complaint on the case detailed that both Gonzalez-Angulo and Blumenschein were in a “casual sexual relationship.” Gonzalez-Angulo is a breast cancer oncologist at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, which Blumenschein joined in 2000.

In the criminal complaint, it also says that Blumenschein complained to Gonzalez-Angulo about a sweet taste in his drink after asking for black coffee. In response, she said she had added Splenda, an artificial sweetener. She then allegedly prepared a second cup for him, which he drank. Within four hours, Blumenschein began experiencing poor balance, slurred speech, and a loss of fine motor skills.