Doctor Charged with Spiking Lover's Coffee with Poison

According to FNL, the doctor was taken to an emergency center 16 hours later, where he was found to have central nervous system depression, cardiopulmonary complications and renal failure. The complaint detailed that a urine test found crystals consistent with ethylene glycol poisoning.

As for Blumenschein’s state, he’s still being treated. Officials at M.D. Anderson would provide any details as to whether he is back at work.

Gonzalez-Angulo was booked May 30 and is now free on $50,000 bail. According to her lawyer Derek Hollingsworth, she is “completely innocent.”

“She is a distinguished citizen and scientist, and these allegations are totally inconsistent with her personal and professional life,” Hollingsworth said in a statement.

A criminal complaint filed with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office described the sweet chemical allegedly used by Gonzalez-Angulo as a “deadly weapon.” It is present in all M.D. Anderson laboratories, according to an unnamed cancer center research administrator, which is why Gonzalez-Angulo had access to the substance.

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