Commentary: Disney Offends (Again) With Dia De Los Muertos Uproar

It takes place in early November and those who observe build private altars for the deceased, which include their favorite foods and beverages, marigolds, and the beloved sugar skulls.

According to Genevieve Barrios Southgate, director of community programs at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, Disney most likely responded withdrew its application because of public pressure.

“I guess that's what happens when you don't have culturally sensitive people as your advisers,” she told the Orange County Register.

Perhaps Disney didn’t learn anything from the hot mess that was the Sofia the First controversy. If you guys remember, the light-skinned, light blue-eyed princess with light brown hair that was “Latina” was at the core of loads of criticism for not looking Latina enough. While we do realize there are Latinas that do look like Sofia, a lot of us thought that it was a weird choice for their first ever Latina princess. Disney later said Sofia was not Latina, but of "mixed-heritage."

Get it together, Mickey Mouse.