Diego Luna, Demain Bichir & More Demand End to Violence in Oaxaca

Diego Luna, Demain Bichir & More Demand the End of Violence Against Those Fighting for Education Reform in Oaxaca
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Diego Luna, Demian Bichir and other celebrities are coming together to stop state violence. 

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There have been protests going on in Oaxaca asking for education reform and things have gotten out of hand when officers and protestors turned violent against each other in Nochixtlán, according to Remezcla. The Mexican government is trying to conceal what happened and it's only making the public angrier. 

Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, interior secretary, first said that the police didn't have ay arms but videos and photos are telling a different story. There have been numerous times over the years that the police has turned violent against protestors. Besides Luna and Bichir, Kate del Castillo is asking the government to stop killing it's own people. 

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Check out what the celebs had to say about in the video below: