Making Us Proud: Denisse Montalvan Changes Orphans' Lives With Jewelry Line

Denisse Montalvan -- a successful public relations professional who was born in Costa Rica and raised in Nicaragua -- is one Latina who is making us very proud!

Montalvan began making and selling jewelry to help her in paying for tuition and books while she was a student at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

According to NBC Latino, the 34-year-old now uses her craft to create jewelry known as orphaned earrings. An orphaned earring is the earring leftover when its matching pair is lost. Montalvan creates a new home for this earring by placing it within a beaded bracelet. She then sells the finished bracelets for $10 each.

Montalvan then uses 100 percent of the proceeds towards bringing arts and crafts, holiday parties and school supplies for children in four different orphanages in Latin America -- all in a days work for her non-profit organization The Orphaned Earring.

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