Prosecutors May Seek Death Penalty for Ariel Castro, His Family Speaks Out

While Ariel Castro remains on suicide watch in jail after being arraigned on Thursday and held at $8 million bail, Ohio prosecutors may try to seek the death penalty against the 52-year-old man who kidnapped, raped, and tortured three Cleveland women, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight for nearly a decade.

Prosecutor Thomas McGinty told CBS News that Ohio law calls for the death penalty for the “most depraved criminals who commit aggravated murder during the course of a kidnapping.” Aggravated murder charges may be filed against Castro after new revelations claim that the former-school bus driver impregnated Knight and beat her until the pregnancies were terminated.

As Knight remains in the hospital after being found “severely beaten” and the other two women begin to heal from years of abuse, Castro’s family has spoken out about his horrific crimes. His mother, Lillian Rodriguez, emotionally spoke to Spanish media outlets and expressed, “I’ll tell you. I have a sick son who has committed something very grave. I’m suffering very much.”

While crying in her car she added, “I ask forgiveness to those mothers, may those young women forgive me. I suffer because they suffered. I’m suffering over my son’s pain. My son is sick and I have nothing to do with what my son did.”

An alleged confession letter was found in the predator’s home, which revealed, “I am a sexual predator. I need help.” Castro also blamed the young women for the crime. “They are here against their will because they made a mistake of getting in a car with a total stranger,” he wrote.

His daughter, Angie Gregg, also spoke to CNN and revealed that she has no problem cutting her father out of her life. “He is dead to me,” she said, “There will be no visits; there will be no phone calls. He can never be Daddy again. I have no sympathy for the man.”