'Dear White People' Team Breaks Down Why Reverse Racism Isn't Real


Before Dear White People even hit Netflix last month, white folks of the Internet were in frenzy. There were boycotts of the streaming service and petitions to get the show off the platform because of its supposed racism toward white people.

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What the show actually does is highlight, and criticize, the ways in which actual racism creeps up on college campuses across the country, whether through microaggressions, racialized stereotypes, the N-word, blackface, discrimination and/or violence.

Calling out racism doesn’t equate to racism. In fact, reverse racism isn’t even a real thing. In a video for HuffPost Black Voices, Dear White People director Justin Simien and actress Logan Browning break down why, despite all the white tears, Black people can’t be racist.

“Black people can't be racist. Black people can be prejudice, they can be biased but they can't be racist,” Browning says. “… Racism is the oppression of a marginalized group in a society that's based on white supremacy. If you are a white person, then you naturally benefit from white privilege.”

Simien adds: “Anyone can hate somebody because of what race they are, and bigotry is really awful. But the thing is racism is systemic. It's baked into our society. Y’all ain’t oppressed.”

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And there you have it. Watch the pair debunk other false ideas about racism in the video below.