Weird News of the Day: Dead Shark Rides NYC's Subway!

Whether it was a prank or not, Isvett Verde of Bushwick wasn’t laughing. The NYU worker was next to make the jaw-dropping discovery.

"I boarded an empty car on the N train at the Eighth St. stop and it smelled extremely fishy. I assumed that's why it was empty - until I looked down and saw that poor strap-hanging dead shark," Verde explained to the New York Daily News.

Verde, like Sanchez, snapped a quick pic of the “strap-hanging dead shark, and reported that she later saw pics of the “poor thing” posted on social media, being propped up by other subway riders.

The shark was found on car 8994 of a Queens-bound train. The shark—which was later determined to be a harmless, toothless sand shark—was declared dead by an MTA supervisor in Ditmars and traveled to his final destination by way of a plastic trash bag.  

We guess the poor little guy is now sleeping with the fishes. RIP, Sharky!