Weird News of the Day: Dead Shark Rides NYC's Subway!

Something’s fishy on NYC’s N train!

NYU student Brandon Sanchez, 20, of Williamsburg got the surprise of his life when he entered an Astoria-bound N train and found a dead shark!

 “I walk in, and there’s a pretty big, three foot dead shark on the train, and it smells terrible!” Sanchez told the New York Post. “We were pretty much in disbelief, and kept laughing. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen on the subway in New York!”

Sanchez’s gruesome discovery came just in time for National Shark Week, leading Sanchez to believe that the deceased shark was part of some sort of prank.  

 “I don't think someone killed it and put it there,” said Sanchez. “I think somebody probably bought it and left it there as a prank.”