Cyclists in Brazil Pedaled Nude in Protest Against Reckless Driving


On Saturday, cyclists hit the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil in their birthday suit in protest of reckless driving. Thousands of cyclists are killed every year due to road accidents in the country with records showing 8,496 died between 2010 and 2015, according to Brazil's ministry of health.

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“Drivers don’t respect cyclists. There have been many deaths of cyclists this year and that is why I came here today,” said Jeruza Porto. The cyclist is a 45-year-old saleswoman, who's friend was run over by a bus last year.

Not surprisingly, a significant number of people will choose to ride a bicycle in cities with huge traffic congestion. According to a 2017 report, Sao Paulo is the among the top busiest four cities, after LA, Moscow, and NYC, in terms of traffic in a survey done over 38 different countries. However, the mix of motorized and non-motorized traffic often produces serious injuries or fatalities and Sao Paulo residents feel cyclists are not protected enough by law.

“The Municipality is not even a little interested in saving the cyclists,” Neuma Fagundes de Souza, 58, said while participating in her third “Pedal Nude” protest, although the first time in the nude.

De Souza, who bicycles every day in a city with one of the heaviest traffic in the world, said it was necessary to take a drastic stand about traffic.

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“We do not have any protection on the bicycle except the helmet, like being nude. Our body is our bumper,” said protestor Tiago Candalez.