Cuban Ballerinas Flee Cuban National Ballet to Seek New Life in the U.S.

Cuban ballerinas -- the latest flock of immigrants to cross the border and enter the U.S. through Texas. In April, while on tour in Mexico, these six dancers fled from the Cuban National Ballet.

These Cuban ballerinas are talented dancers who would be perfect for any ballet company, but at the moment they are busy trying to learn English and navigate cultural differences in a very unfamiliar place. Fortunately for them, Pedro Pablo Pena, a Cuban exiled dancer, has taken them under his wing.

According to Fox News Latino, Pena is providing the dancers with shelter, a place to practice and offering performance opportunities. In May, only a month after their arrival, the ballerinas made their U.S. debut in a special performance with Pena's Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami.

The ballerinas, including 20-year-old Arianni Martin, are not the first set of Cuban National Ballet ballerinas to defect. And they don't seem to have any regrets for defecting. "I'm going to start a new life now," said Martin.