Cuba to Offer Internet Access in More Than 100 Public Locations

We may take the Internet for granted, but Web access has been a luxury in Cuba. Although home Web services will remain largely restricted, Cubans will soon be able to use the Internet at more than 100 public computer labs across the island. On Tuesday, Cuban authorities confirmed that the new measure would begin on June 4th.

Until recently, the Internet has been limited to places such as universities and tourist hotels, which charge $8 an hour for limited and slow Wi-Fi service. Residential use of the Internet is rare and restricted.

According to government statistics, a low 2.9 percent of Cubans said they had access to the Internet. However, some believe the figure can be up to 5 or 10 percent due to many who underreport to avoid issues with government authorities. In addition, about 16 percent revealed that they were able to check email at work or local computer clubs.

“It's a real bargain. I mean, I work for a week and then I can get online for hour — fabulous,” commented a Cuban sarcastically about the new measure on the news website, Cuba Si.

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