Cristina de Kirchner Wins Argentina Elections!

Congrats to Cristina de Kirchner! The Argentinean president was recently re-elected as president of the South American country, according to The Guardian. The 58-year-old reportedly earned the widest victory margin in the country’s history with 53 percent of the vote a majority of polling stations reported results.

Latino Political Firsts

De Kirchner is the first woman in Latin America to be re-elected as president. “All I want is to keep collaborating… to keep Argentina growing,” she said in her speech after winning the presidency. “I want to keep changing history.” 

This moment is bittersweet for the Latina leader. Her husband and predecessor, Néstor Kirchner, died of a heart attack last year. On the night of her re-election, De Kirchner described it as a stranger one for her, according to The Guardian. “This man who transformed Argentina led us all and gave everything he had and more,” she said of her late husband. “Without him, without his valour and courage, it would have been impossible to get to this point.”

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As her running mate, De Kirchner chose the 47-year-old Amado Boudou, Argentina’s Minister of Economy, who will now serve as the country’s Vice President. Congratulations to De Kirchner on her re-election!