Ouch! Costa Rican Man Gets 18-Inch Yucca Surgically Removed From Anal Cavity

Ouch! A Costa Rica Man Gets Yucca Surgically Removed From Anal Cavity

A Costa Rican man had an 18-inch yucca surgically removed from his anal cavity and may end up suing the hospital where the procedure was performed. Ouch!

The 55-year-old man had carved the yucca and placed two condoms on it to use it as a sex toy. He then inserted it into his anal cavity, and that's when his plan for pleasure backfired. The condoms ripped and the yucca's rough exterior gripped his insides, putting him at risk of seriously damaging his intestines.

The surgery, which took place on Holy Week, lasted more than an hour and involved seven surgeons — one of which had the audacity to film the procedure without the patient's consent.

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The local tabloit Diario Extra then used the contents of said video to promote the news story they had written on the man's mishap.

As per Costa Rican law, surgical and medical procedures can only be filmed for academic purposes and with the patient's written permission. Hence, the tabloit believes the man may sue.