Coors Light Puts Puerto Rican Flag on Cans (Oh Yes, They Did)

Coors Light has launched a new can design featuring the Puerto Rican flag to coincide with New York City’s annual Puerto Rican Day Parade.

The Puerto Rican flag appears on the bottom quarter of the can with the parade’s logo, all while having the words “cerveza official” (or official beer) in English right above it.

"It's a total disrespect to the Puerto Rican flag," Vincent Torres of the group Boricuas For A Positive Image told "The parade is turning into one big commercial where the Puerto Rican people are being pimped."

Some are portraying the can’s design as insensitive because it goes against the theme of the parade this year is “Salud—Celebrating Your Health,” according to the New York Observer.

"Here we are, the parade's theme this year is about health, looking at the disparities in our community and how do we really promote better options," City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito told NY1. "And so to have now Coors as a beer and our flag draped on a can of beer really seems to be the greatest irony of all and is in poor, poor taste."