Conservative Group Targets Latinos with Spanish-Language TV Ad

In light of the United States’ great debt, a conservative fundraising group has launched a television advertisement aimed at Latino voters.  The "Despertarse" ad, which was paid for by super-PAC American Crossroads, features a Latina mother losing sleep over the country’s unemployment rate.  A super-PAC is a fundraising group that is able to accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations or unions. Their minute-long ad (the Spanish-version of their national "Wake Up" ad) is part of the group’s $20 million campaign and was masterminded by Karl Rove. It will run in states with large Latino populations such as Florida, Colorado, Texas and Nevada.

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The unemployment rate among Latinos in this country is estimated to be around 10 percent, according to United States Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis

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Watch the ad video below: