Mexican Barbie: She Still Looks Nothing Like You

Judging from Latinos’ outrage that Mattel’s latest Hispanic doll, Mexico Barbie, is offensive, I may stand alone when I say that being excluded from the Barbie collection, period, would not have been a bad thing.

Barbie has always been a doll that promotes stereotypes and an unrealistic ideal of beauty (not to mention that they are the dullest people at the party. Growing up, I used to borrow my brother’s Ninja Turtles just to liven up my playtime with Ken and Barbie and their insipid pink convertible).

Mexico Barbie, part of the Dolls of the World, is no different. She comes with a Chihuahua (because of course all Mexican girls carry one around) and a traditional Mexican dress (because of course it’s what we wear on a daily basis). Why are people surprised?

More disturbing to me is Barbie’s unattainable standard of beauty and the fact that young Latina girls will now play with this doll that kind of, sort of, looks like them and assume that this is what real women look like.