Mexican Barbie: She Still Looks Nothing Like You

After conducting a experiment called “Dying to Be Barbie,” in which the addiction recovery website compared Barbie’s anatomical proportions to that of a real woman.

If Barbie were human, the study found:

•Her head would be 2 inches larger than the average American woman’s and 6 inches larger than her own waist.

•She would have only size 3 feet and tiny ankles, which means she’d have to walk on all fours to support her weight.

•She would have 3.5-inch wrists, making her incapable of lifting anything, let along a purse dog.

•With a 16-inch waist, Barbie would only have room in her upper body for half a liver and a few inches of intestine

-With a neck twice as long and six inches thinner than the average woman’s, Barbie would be incapable of lifting her head

Great! Now we have a Latina Barbie that is unable to stand on her own two feet, lacks the strength to open a door and barely has enough room in her body for vital organs.