Colombian President and FARC Leader Sign Peace Commitment Agreement

Colombia Government and FARC Leaders Sign Peace Commitment

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, Timoleon Jimenez shook hands on Wednesday, committing to create a path for peace between the longtime enemies in the next six months.

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The handshake accompanied a formal signed agreement between the government and the guerilla group, which CNN reports formed peace tribunals and a reconciliation commission aimed at punishing criminals and providing justice for war victims.

"We have agreed to create a special jurisdiction for peace that is going to guarantee that the crimes committed during the conflict, especially the most serious ones, will not remain unpunished," Santos said.

As Santos explains, the two groups remain "adversaries, on opposite shores," but they are now "joined in interest of peace."

"It's now up to both parties to multiply efforts to construct the consensus that will bring a bilateral ceasefire, agreements about abandoning arms, and the transformation of the FARC into a legal political movement," Jimenez, better known as Timochenko, added.

The historic agreement took place in Cuba, with President Raul Castro hosting the meeting and joining his hands with Santos’ and Timochenko’s.

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Castro referred to the breakthrough as a "significant step" that is "not only desirable but indispensible."