5 Things You Need to Know This Morning

5 Things You Need to Know This Morning

1. A deadly mudslide in Colombia has left more 250 dead and hundreds with ruined homes. Torrential rains occured on Friday night after three rivers overflowed, sending mud and debris pouring through the city.

President Juan Manuel Santos revealed 170 victims have been identified."I watched people -- some girls coming down the river -- some bodies coming by the water. It was terrible. It was pretty shocking," one witness said. (CNN)

2. Beyoncé showed off her gorgeous baby bump in a series of Instagram posts set to the tune of "Pop That Thang." (THR)

3. Prince Jackson debuted a new tattoo on his calf in honor of his father, the late Michael Jackson. (MTV)

4. An explosion occured in a St. Petersburg metro station this morning, killing at least 10 people. The cause of the explosion has not yet been identified. (Washington Post)

5. Kim Kardashian revealed she may need to resort to surrogacy for her next little one. Watch more from KUWTK below: