Cleveland Kidnap Case: Gina DeJesus Forgets Spanish While in Captivity

As Cleveland kidnap and rape survivor Gina Dejesus begins acclimating to life at home after being held captive by suspect Ariel Castro for nearly a decade, it has been confirmed that the now 23-year-old Puerto Rican woman has forgotten her native language of Spanish.

While interviewing the DeJesus family in their home, news reporter, Lydia Esparra, explained to CNN, “One of her relatives started speaking Spanish and Gina looks at her mom and she says, ‘Mom, I don’t remember Spanish.’” Esparra explained that DeJesus most likely forgot the language since she did not practice it while she lived with her captor.

DeJesus, who was kidnapped at 14, was used as a sex slave along with Amanda Berry, 27 and Michelle Knight, 32. They were finally rescued last Monday after Berry managed to escape with help of a neighbor and dialed 911. The three women were raped, beaten, and forced to wear dog leashes while naked.