Chilean Miners Sue Lawyers for Fraud: "This is Payback Time"

Chilean Miners Sue Lawyers for Fraud: 'Lawyers Tricked Us Out of Film Royalties'

Nine of the 33 Chilean miners who captured worldwide attention in 2010 when they survived 69 days trapped in an underground mine are suing their lawyers for fraud, Fox News Latino reports.

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According to the miners, attorneys Remberto Valdes and Fernando Garcia, who represented the men, cheated them out of money, including royalties for the Hollywood film "The 33," which is based on the miners’ time trapped 2,300 feet underground for two months.

They allege that they were deceived and "pressured into signing contracts ceding their rights."

For instance, the miners believed that they would be in control of the companies created to manage their business opportunities. However, they weren't, forcing them to lose out on the income, too.

"We have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain, because this is payback time," said the nine miners, Juan Carlos Aguilar, Jorge Galleguillos, Víctor Zamora, Richard Villarroel, Osman Araya, Mario Gomez, Claudio Acuña, Ariel Ticona and Luis Urzua, who signed the lawsuit.

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"The 33" comes out in theaters on Nov. 13.