4 Suspects Arrested In Chile for Burning Baby Alive In Ritual Sacrifice

After months of investigation, Chilean police arrested four members of a sect for burning a 3-year-old baby alive because the leader believed the child was the antichrist. The toddler was thrown into a bonfire during a ritual in the town of Colliguay last November. The baby’s mother, Natalia Guerra, 25, confessed to being involved in the sacrifice and was forthcoming about details, reports the Chilean publication Emol.

According to The Huffington Post, investigator Miguel Ampuero said, “The baby was naked. They strapped tape around her mouth to keep her from screaming. Then they placed her on a board. After calling on the spirits they threw her on the bonfire alive.” In addition, he stated that everyone in the group was a professional and held a university degree.

Besides Guerra, suspects Karla Franchy Arana, 34, David Pastén Rojas, 30, and María del Pilar Fuenzalida, 25, have been detained. Although arrests have been made, the ringleader of the group, Castillo Gaete, 35, remains at large.

BBC has reported that he is believed to be the father of the victim. Gaete was known for having sexual relations with all of the women in the cult. Authorities also revealed he was last seen traveling to Peru to purchase a hallucinogenic plant called ayahuasca.