Chicago Latina Wins Lottery!

When Chicago resident Lilia Martinez walked into her local grocery store to buy a $1 lottery ticket, she never expected the great news that would soon be headed her way.

According to NBC Latino, Martinez -- who immigrated from Mexico 35 years ago -- won the state of Illinois' grand prize lottery earnings. Yesterday Illinois lottery officials presented Martinez with $1,040,000.

“I thought I won $1,000, and then my two sisters looked at the ticket and told me I won $1,000 every week for the next 20 years,” said Martinez.

Martinez and her husband, who are originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, have made plans to invest the winnings for retirement and to help their two sons pay for their education.

“This lottery win will make our lives easier,” said Martinez. “First I will pay off our house, and then pay for college for my sons.”

The 52-year-old housewife is happy she can now contribute to her household. “I’m very excited,” she said. “I can now help my husband and my kids.”