CEO Funding Scholarships for Undocumented Immigrants

Latino CEO Ric Elias has donated a million dollars to launch a non-profit organization called Golden Door Scholars, which will offer full scholarships to undocumented immigrants to attend a college in North Carolina. The college that will support the program has yet to be decided, but Elias is in talks with five North Carolina colleges, reports Fox News Latino

The scholarship will be available to all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. this fall who apply and are accepted into the selected college (which will be announced). The scholarship will pay for all four years -- including tuition, room and board -- and will provide students with a mentor, internships and job placement. 

Elias was born in Puerto Rico and is CEO of a technology company called Red Ventures. When asked about the controversy to provide scholarships to undocumented immigrants by the Charlotte Observer, Elias replied, "I don't really care. It doesn't faze me. If we can get people talking about this, [criticism] may not actually be a bad thing, given the lack of understanding out there on the issue. 

Details of the partnership between the organization and yet to-be-decided college(s) is still unknown, but the selected college(s) will be: cutting their tuition rates by at least half while donating money to the fund, or will help pay for a set number of scholarships so that the organization will be able to help more undocumented students. 

In North Carolina, an estimated 1,500 undocumented immigrants graduate each year from public high schools. Elias hopes other companies will join him in the cause. 

What do you think of the scholarship?