Car in Rio Plunges Into Pedestrians Injuring 17 and Killing 9-Month-Old Baby

A driver in Rio's Copacabana beach allegedly experienced a seizure behind the wheel that caused him to lose control of the car and plunge into a busy beach, injuring 17 and killing a nine-month-old baby.

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Antonio de Almeida Anaquim, 41, said he went unconscious and does not remember uncontrollably driving into a crowded beach, injuring 17 people, including a 23-year-old mother Niedja da Silva Araújo, who was pushing her daughter Marie Louise in her stroller. The mother was seriously injured and rushed to the hospital but the daughter was killed at the scene. 

The father Darlan Rocha, 27, told O Globo, Anaquim was a 'killer' whether intentional or not and said he needed to be jailed. According to police there was anti-seizure medicine found inside the car and he was driving with a suspended license.

Witnesses said Anaquim tried to flee the scene but was stopped by people who began beating him until police stopped them. Colonel Murilo Angelotti, commander of the military police 17th Battalion in Copacabana said, "We got there in time to keep him from being lynched."

Police arrested Anaquim, who told them he suffered from epilepsy and had not been drinking.

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Two other children and two Australians were also seriously injured. The case is still under investigation.