Cuban Mother-of-Two Dies After Car Crashes Into Restaurant

Zamara Gonzales, 41, was killed Friday afternoon while at a restaurant called Pollos Tropical in Davie, Florida.

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The incident happened while she was seated at a booth by the window of the restaurant and a red Toyota Matrix driven by Jesus Bisball, crashed in through the window.

Surveillance footage captured the crash of the red Toyota and a black Mercedes-Benz E550 driven by Stacy Masik-Mahaffy moments before hitting the restaurant. Apparently, Masik-Mahaffy ran a stop sign, causing the red Toyota to lose control and run over a median and into the restaurant. Investigators say Bisball accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake after the black Mercedes-Benz hit him.

Two other people were also injured in the collision. Steve Pierre was there with his son and 18-month old daughter in a stroller. The flying debris injured Pierre and his seven-year-old son Cameron only. While Pierre’s injuries were not serious, his son Cameron suffered from a lacerated liver, broken rib, and a pulmonary hematoma but doctors expect him to survive his injuries.

‘'That could have been me or my kids,’' Pierre told News 7. 'We were literally inches away.'

The Gonzalez family is now in preparations for a funeral.

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This accident is still under investigation.